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There is a pressing need for more 2SLGBTQ+ support in the tightly knit community of South East Manitoba. Not only is there lacking support but also a concerning absence of education or even resources for those struggling within the community. This missing understanding is damaging to those struggling with their identity. There are few safe, non-judgmental, places for such youth and adults. 

Though places such as Steinbach Neighbours, Steinbach Regional Secondary School’s GSA, and Backstage exist, this excludes individuals. Steinbach Neighbours is a support group only for parents with children in the 2SLGBTQ+ community. The school’s GSA is only for students attending the SRSS. And Backstage is associated with Christianity (which can trigger past trauma in individuals) and is only for youth. It has become clear there is a need for something else

As a support group that emphasizes confidentiality and anonymity, we want to create a safe place for people in the community to be themselves and to contemplate their identities. We want to combine the model of Backstage, and the SRSS’s GSA, along with introducing accessible information and education. Unifying the Steinbach community by giving voice to the LGBTQ+ population will allow both communities to thrive and at the least, coexist.

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