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Katharsys is very new to the drag scene; there's only a few notches on their sequined belt.
However, that doesn't mean they're not a seasoned performer!
Having grown up taking part in all kinds of plays and musicals all over the country, and even adapting and translating movies from screen to stage, Katharsys knows their way around a theatre. But the heels are still a challenge.
Bringing alternative drag beyond the Perimeter Highway seems to be their calling, as they've brought their style to Morden, Carman, and Steinbach, with more smaller towns on their list for the future.
They spent their teenage years growing up in and around Gretna, Altona and Winkler, and can safely say there were no drag shows to be had in such small, conservative communities. But there will be. Ooohhh, there will be.
Expect confusion, titillation, alienation, and maybe a trip and a fall; they're a klutzy queen, but the show must go on!

Check out their Instagram to see where they'll be performing next!

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