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May 2023 


Salem Heinrichs


Hiya, I'm an artist specializing in NSFW art and trying to help normalize the body. I focus a lot on education in social justice and topics that relate to my own life experience such as 2SLBTQ+ community, epilepsy/disabilities, destigmatizing mental health etc. My goal is to be the person I needed as a kid, spread some joy and education.

Artist & Community Activist

Join us May 27th 1pm - 2pm
at Pat Porter Active Living Centre
(10 Chrysler Gate, Fireside Room)

With Artist & Community Activist, Salem Heinrichs, where they will speaking about their experience as a trans individual navigating health care & providing tips on how to express masculinity/femineity in an unsafe environment.

No entry fees,
Questions always welcome

Hope to see you there!

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